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NTA UGC NET June 2020 Preparation Test Series -3

1.In a library which are the following positions are line positions
[a.Junior Library Assistant][b.Subject Specialist][c.Deputy Librarian][d.System Librarian]
a & b
a & c
a & d

2.If you are asked to arrange the concepts of information, knowledge and data is ascending order at complexity, Which of the followign sequece is correct
Data Information Knowledge
Knowledge Information Data
Information Data Knowledge
Information Knowledge Data

3.In a school library which of the followign materials would you not expect to find
Research reports

4.Extension services to the blind by a public library is justified by
The fourth law of library science
The fifth law of library science
The first law of library science
All laws of library science

5.It is sometimes stated that in a computerised catalogue, cataloguing rules and classification codes serve no purpose. Do you agree that in a computerised catalogue:
Cataloguing rules are not necessary
Classification serves no purpose
Both required
Neither is required

6.Arrange the following storage devices according to increasing capacity :
[Magnetic tape, CD-ROM, Floppy disk, Magnetic disk]

7.Which are the following statements about national libraries is incorrect? National Libraries are expected
To serve the needs of the legislative body
To function as deposit libraries
To bring out a national bibliography
To be involved in Universal Bibliographic Control

8.The memory capacity of a computer measured in

9.Library orientation, bibliographic instruction and user education are related in the following
All mean the same thing
User education is wider and encopasses the other two
Library orientation is widen and encompasses the two
None of the above

10.Which of the following statemment about a thesaurus is correct?
A thesaurus helps the indexers, not the user
A thesaurus includes descriptors and lead terms
A thesaurus links only broader to narrower forms
A thesaurus based indexing system has an uncontrolled vocabulary