KVS Librarian Exam Special Mock Test- 10

1.Bibliography of Bibliographies comes under the category
Primary sources
Secondary sources
Tertiary sources
None of the above

2.The early work on modelling of information communication was based on
Good and Hatt model
Lasswell model
Shannon and weaver model
Bradford and Price model

3.The term "Lexicography" is associated with
Compilation of Encyclopedia
Compilation of handbooks
Compilation of Dictionaries
None of them

4.Xerographic process is categorised under
Photographic process
Reflex method
Silver halide process
Electro static process

5.The 'User Profile: is a
List of description
List of useful citation
List of users
Statement of user information

6.An abstract which is written for a specific group of user is known as
Critical abstract
Slanted abstact
Author abstract
Indicative abstract

7.In Research design, which is consider as the most important component
Formation of Hypothesis
Case Study
Review of Literature

8."Books in print" is a
National bibliography
Trade bibliography
Retrospective bibliography
Subject bibliography

9.What is an interview?
A tool of research
A process of research
A type of tesearch
A method of representation of data

10.Whic is not an example of Current awarness service(CAS)
An indexing bulletin
Current contents
A reading list

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