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KVS Librarian Exam Special Mock Test - 6

1.A union catalogue is a unit of
Holdings of a National Library
Holdings of a Single Library
Holdings of a more than are Library
Holdings of a special Library

2.KWIC indexing was developed by
F.W. Lancaster
B.C. Vickery
Martimer Taube
H.P. Luhn

3.Recall is a measure of
Relevant items retrieved/relevant items available in collection
Relevant items retrieved and total retrieved
Non-relevant items retrieved/relevant items available in collection
Relevant items retrieved/non-relevant items available in collection

4.‘Regression’ establishes the relationship between
Cause and effect
Constants and variables
Data and Information
Work and experience

5.Scalar chain indicates
Authority structure
Staff performance
Chain for locking racks
List in the chain

6.INDEST is a
Digital library

7.Violation of the terms of an agreement encroachment or disregard of other's rights of intellectual property is known as

8.‘Books for All’ is the implication of
First Law of Library Science
Second Law of Library Science
Third Law of Library Science
Fourth Law of Library Science

9.Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science is published from
Bowker and company
H.W. Wilson and company

10.‘Social Science citation Index’ (SSCI) is a
Source database
Reference database
Referral database
Multimedia database
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