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Updated: Tentative Answer Key for CBSE NET July 2018 Paper 2 - Library and Information Science

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1 What is the meaning of the term " Information Iceberg" 1/4 visible and 3/4 non-visible 4
2 What is the name of the committee responsible for Indian standards related to libraries? MSD 5 2
3 World book and copyright day 23 April 2
4 To make at least one individual in every household e-literate National Policy on Information Technology 2012 2
5 Ranganathan Remarked Trivial truism First Law 1
6 Wikipedia foundation launched by Jimmy Wales‎, ‎Larry Sanger 1
7 Anukriti is a Translating India Website 3
8 Ezproxy is a product of OCLC 2
9 Which of the following is not a classical model of information retrieval? Cluster 2
10 Who criticised the concept of main entry as a relic of outdated technology Michael Gorman 1
11 Identify the odd one out Centred entry 2
12 Path-goal theory of leader effectiveness Robert House 3
13 Ambra is an innovative Open Source platform for publishing Open Access research articles is developed by PLOS 3
14 The term blog was coined by Jorn Barger 3
15 Which of the following is not file hosting service? Xbox live 4
16 Vufind is the tool used for Library Resource Discovery System 3
17 Convert decimal number 115 in binary 1110011 4
18 Research method based on the consensus opinios of panel of experts and judgements is Delphi Method 3
19 A probability which is associated with the occurence of an event is expressed as a number between 0 and 1 4
20 Iinitiative of Government of India facilitated by Ministry of Human Resource Development to facilitate issuance and storage of academic awards National Academic Depository (NAD) 2
21 Which approach of information is not given by Wersig and Neveling ? B, C, D are correct 2
22 why a library association should have a code of "professional conduct" a, b, c are correct 3
23 "which of the following states do not have provision of library cess" a and d are correct 1
24 National knowledge commission 2005 had the following members from the LIS Profesion A, C, D are correct 3
25 Which of the follwoing are features of Classific IR Model a and d are correct 4
26 Vocabulary in a database is controlled by (c) and (d) are correct 2
27 Pre coordinate indexing system comprise A & B are correct 1
28 Identify the correct statement a and c are correct 3
29 What will be the correct filing order d, a, c, b 4*
30 According to CCC, in which among the following cases the initial article is to be omitted" a,c,d are correct 3
31 Which of the following theories are related to motivation of employees a, c,d are correct 4
32 The ways in which the libray can benifit form the TQM as stated by Jurow & Barnard a, b,d are correct 4
33 identify the cases that require an application for a new ISSN number a and d are correct 3
34 Identfy the key salient traits of Soft data a and c are correct 3
35 Identify the components of 'LAMP' given below a and c are correct 2
36 Identify the feautes of proprietary software a, b, d are correct 1
37 Which of the follwoing research methods are used in a study of scattering of periodicals b and c are correct 2
38 Information seeking behavior(ISB) essentially refers to and concerned with b and d are correct 4
39 A virtual library b and d are correct 3
40 Which of the follwoing are review type services b and d are correct 3

41 iii, i, ii, iv
42 iii, ii, iv, i
43 Given answers are wrong
44 i, iv, ii, iii
45 iii,iv, i, ii
46 iv, ii, i, iii
47 ii, i, iv, iii
48 iv, i, ii, iii
49 iv, ii, iii, i
50 ii, iii, iv, i
51 ii, iv, i, iii
52 i, iv, ii, iii
53 iii, iv, i, ii
54 iii, iv, ii, i
55 iv, iii, i, ii
56 iv, iii, ii, i
57 iii, i, ii, iv
58 i,iv,ii,iii
59 iv,iii,ii,i
60 ii,i,iv,iii
61 ***
62 b,a,d,c
63 c,d,b,a
64 b,c,d,a
65 a,c,b,d
66 a, b, d, c
67 a,c,b,d
68 c,b,d,a
69 Poetry, Fiction, Oration, Campu
70 a, b, d are correct
71 b and c are correct
72 b,d,c,a
73 b,d,c,a
74 d, c, a, b
75 b,d,c,a
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