Human Resources Development: Concept and outline

1) What is Human Resources Development?
Human Resources Development is a process of helping employees in an
oraganisation to acquire new skills and competence on a continuing basis.

2) Explain the need and purpose of HRD for Library and Information Centres.
Human resources are the ones that convert all other resources into products and
services. Investments in the development of this resource ensure a good chance
of achieving higher productivity with quality. Therefore in libraries and
information centres attention to the development of human resources is worth
the effort.

3) Distinguish between strategic planning and operational planning. 
Strategic planning involves setting goals and objectives and designing plans to
creature the necessary means and mechanisms for implementation. Operational
planning is a set of procedures and methods for implementing the designed

4) State the different aspects that should concern HRD mechanism.
The HRD unit should concern itself with the following aspects:
• performance appraisal;
• appraisal review, feedback, and counselling;
• exercises. on role analysis;
• potential development;
• training policies;
• communication policies;
• Job rotation;
• organisation development;
• job enrichment programmes;
• awards, rewards and incentives; and
• steps to introduce an organisational and work culture.

5) How does an organisation promote work culture.
Organisational culture and work culture have to be promoted creating the
necessary environmental climate. Communication within the organisation that
permits top-down, bottom-up, horizontal, circular and external communication
has to be built into the organisation. This would ensure smoothness in the
employee (employer relationship. This also would create the right atmosphere
to develop a work culture contributing positively to the organisation.

6) How does an organisation implement a programme of HRD? 

The FIRD process translates the plans and programmes into the action and is
the means of applying different techniques and strategies. A number of aspects
like performance appraisal, training, team work, organisational culture, and
self-renewal systems are to be considered. They would help proper application
HRD programmes.
7. In what ways the smaller LIUs can benefit from the HRD practices discussed
in this Unit?
The aspects that might help even smaller LIUs to design and develop high
quality products and services may include:
• personnel planning;
• orientation towards modern information products and services,.
• productivity;
• customer satisfaction;
• quality of products and services;
• acquisition of new skills and knowledge;
• task analysis for deployment of personnel;
• performance appraisal, counselling and coaching;
• motivational aspects;
Human Resource Development :
Concepts and Controls • organisational development; and
• R&D.
Stress should be on quality and value-added information systems and services,
aiming at excellence. HRD is an important strategy that help might help build up a
cadre of highly competent professional staf

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