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Kendriya Vidyalaya Librarian Exam Questions held on 22/02/2018

Thanks to N.Jijila & Haseena VKKM.  Your work is great.
Note: KVS Questions and their answers held on 22/02/2018 for the post of librarian to the best that we could remember . It should be noted that Questions are not exactly the same line, that it was asked in the online mode but the idea remains the same.
  1. In which area of a catalogue represent pagination, Volume Etc.
  2. Which is the OS is machine independent and open source
  3.  Which law implicates services for differently abled
  4. According to SRR reference service that deals with residual principles and generalities, not readily falling with in specific parts
  5. when message is transmitted and received over the same channel at the same time, such mode of transmission in network environment-Full Duplex.
  6. Unpublished thesis and dissertation comes under
  7. UGC set up in 1991 for the development of information services in academic libraries
  8. When the user requires almost all relevant literature on a subject approach
  9. Which component is needed for an automated acquisition module
  10. SRR “A record of phenomenon made directly, unmediated by human mind”
  12. In which method of kothari commission 1964-66 University should spend each Rs 25 for student and Rs 300 per teacher
  13. What is the components of user profile
  14. Which output data extension used for uncompressed file
  15. Where multiuser OS used
  16. In which sections’ statistics are the most proper to know the tastes , antipathies and reaction of readers
  17. Under which category SRR’s general theory of classification deals with
  18. According to staff formula which section of the university library needs to have 1 person for every 50 user
  19. Which is an enumerative classification scheme
  20. In cataloguing, which law directs that, between two or more possible alternative rules bearing on a particular phenomenon on the leading to overall economy? Law of Parsimony.
  21. Which type of a service is Shodhgangotri? – Referral Service
  22. When AGRIS become operational? -1975
  23. Who formulated 7 Lamps of conduct? R.L. MITTAL
  24. who is the publisher of Indian library science abstracts? IASLIC
  25. What type of information source is indexing and abstracting periodical?
  26. Exclusive function of University library?
  27. In 3 Card System of periodical control card is used for recording entries relating to Vol, Issue and date of publication
  28. Committee CONPOLIS was formed in 
  29. What means ‘Indent’ in acquisition section?-List of ordered Items
  30. Who is the public ex-officio president of Maharashtra state library committee?
  31. Producer of library literature and information science? -H. W .Wilson Company
  32. Expand ODLIS- Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science
  33. IFLA was established in the year? -1927
  34. UNESCO public library manifesto in 1994 cooperated with whom?
  35. Which agency provides guidelines on information literacy  for lifelong learning 
  36. What is the Standard for descriptive catalogue?
  37. Who introduced library science education at Baroda in 1910?
  38. What is the Indirect method of user study?
  39. What is the reason for the Shift from print to electronic form?- Economic 
  40. What is a shelf list?
  41. In which of them, to recording once done is irreversible?- WORM
  42. In which of the following point system was used? – Job performance
  43.  Which combination of Boolean operators retrieves more documents?
  44. When an individual ought to have information for work -Information Need
  45. Who is associated with UDC? – Paul Outlet
  46. In AACR2 when more than 2 authors have shared responsibility, main entry is derived in which entry.
  47. Which is the Soul’s latest version? -SOUL 2.0
  48. What is known as process of placing one or more isolates on the parent basic subject ?- Lamination
  49. What represents relationship procedures activity -on- arrow network?
  50. According to the Delivery of books act in how much days the deliveries should be made to the libraries? -Within 30 days
  51. In which catalogue entries are in the form of number entry and text? -Classified Entry
  52. What is the feature of DBMS? – Compatibility with SQL
  53. J.K Khanna, “The growths of special libraries in India are directly related to what?”  
  54. What is the  form of Library resources sharing?- Consortium 
  55. NASSDOC was established in the year?1969
  56. In which of the following stated Public Library act enacted? -Chhattisgarh
  57. Which year Sears list of subject heading published-?1923
  58. What enhance OPAC compared to traditional catalogue?- Navigation
  59. Who authored library building planning and design?
  60. What denotes f3 in Colon Classification?
  61. Who is the publisher of statement year book 2017?- Palgrave Macmillan
  62. What do you mean by Esprit de corps ?-Group  spirit
  63. How to educate individual user? - self instruction material
  64. What is the type “Algebra” comes under
  65. Who published “Directory of public library”? -RRRLF
  66. In India, from which year national library week started? -1968
  67. Translation service of science and technology is initiated in? -NISCAIR 
  68. Which of the following comes under principle of facet sequence?-Cow calf principle
  69. Which type of information service is trend report?
  70. What is known as when a person tears a page / repairs the book? re-casing
  71.  In classified catalogue code what is called for a specific added class number entry?
  72. What type of database is library literature and information science? -Indexing
  73. What is the feature of Java?
  74. Which one of the following is a book selection tool? -INB
  75. Which one is a pointing device? Light pen
  76. Which is a current awareness service? -News clipping service
  77. What is called part three of colon classification
  78. TQM 80/20 rule
  79. Feature of web OPAC? -Navigation Facility
  80. Which topology has the cable string out the end of the cable need not back by? 
  81. Who assign ISSN in India- NISSAT
  82. First university in Maharashtra conducted training in librarians?
  83. Who introduced episodic mode of information seeking behavior? -Nicholas J. Belkin
  84. What denotes cardinal value of notation?
  85. When the encyclopedia Britannica print version was published in 32 volumes? -2010
  86. Who introduced three fold purpose of reference interview?
  87. What denotes 028 in DDC?-
  88. Who introduced Selective Dissemination of Information?- H P Luhn
  89. Small circle represents in flow charts?
  90. What is the feature of Knowledge? -Knowledge is finite
  91. Which budgeting a scratch with proposed activity of the year? - ZBB
  92. Who proposed SWOT? -Albert Humphrey
  93. Who initiated objective means of catalogue?  C A Cutter?
  94. What used in 5th generation of computers? – Artificial Intelligence
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