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CBSE UGC NET January 2017 Paper 3 Library & Information Science (11-20)

1. What is RJ45 ?
A network cable connector
A node
An electronic coupler
A video display unit

2. SIP, the communication protocol for signalling and controlling multimedia communication stands for
Signalling Information Protocol
Internet Session Protocol
Sound Initiation Protocol
Session Initiation Protocol

3. The Fifth Anniversary of the general release of OCLC World Share Management Service – the first-ever cloud-based Cooperative Library Management System (that selected 500 libraries spanning six continents) was celebrated on :
July 01, 2016
July 03, 2015
May 01, 2016
August 12, 2016

4. Which of the following is a measure of dispersion ?
Geometric mean
Root Mean Square Deviation

5. If ‘r’ is a rank of a word and ‘f’ is its frequency then rf = c, where ‘c’ is a constant. Which law is this ?
Bradford’s law
Lotka’s law
Narain’s law
Zipf’s law

an open source software
an Association of Intellectuals
a Programming Language
a Database of Experts and a network of Researchers and Scientists at national level

7. Which of the following rights are granted for ‘Literary works’ according to Copyright Law of India ?
(a) To make translation
(b) To use in reporting current events
(c) To make any adaptation
(d) To use for the purpose of research
(a) and (c) are correct.
(a) and (b) are correct.
(b) and (c) are correct.
(b) and (d) are correct.

8. Identify from the following the features of tacit knowledge :
(a) Resides in human mind
(b) Cannot be articulated
(c) Tangible
(d) Easily accessible
(a) and (c) are correct
(b) and (c) are correct.
(a) and (b) are correct.
(c) and (d) are correct.

9. Which of the following are the examples of Web-based learning and education ?
(a) Answer Tips
(b) Moodle
(c) Revish
(d) Campus bug
(a), (b) and (d) are correct.
(a), (b) and (c) are correct.
(b), (c) and (d) are correct.
(a), (c) and (d) are correct.

10. Which of the following are the two sections stated in ‘IFLA Digital Reference Guidelines’ ?
(a) Collaborative Virtual Reference
(b) The Administration of Digital Reference Service
(c) The Practice of Digital Reference
(d) Online Tools for Libraries
(a) and (c) are correct.
(b) and (c) are correct.
(b) and (d) are correct.
(a) and (d) are correct.

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