Reviews, State-of-the-Art Reports, Trends Reports etc

1) Enumerate the basic objectives of information consolidation.
The objectives of information consolidation are:
• to enhance the effectiveness of information transfer;
• to encourage Intensive use of information scattered all over for
developmental activities; and
• to fulfil information requirements of the potential users by repackaging
information in evaluated and synthesized from.

2) Discuss the functions of State-of-the-Art Reports, Reviews Trend Reports, etc. 
The functions of State-of Art Reports, Trends Reports, Reviews, etc. are:
i) From the point of view of the historical development of the subject:
a) evaluation of the published literature,
b) collection of information from the various sources,
c) extraction of the necessary information, and
d) identification of the emerging specialists.

ii) From the point of view of the researcher:
a) notification of the published literature.
current awareness about the subject and other related fields.
Back-up for literature searching to be carried out in future.

Consolidation of  Information: It involves investigation of all primary documents for a particular subject, collection of information, analysis and checking of validity and consolidating for  dissemination.

Repackaging of  Information: Collection of information for different sources and in different for mats and putting them together and presenting in another form to facilitate the work of the user.

Source: IGNOU Study Material
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