Information Services and Organisation

l) Distinguish between information, data and knowledge. State the other words
synonymous with information. 
Information is made up of symbolic as well as descriptive elements, communicating knowledge. It refers both to the substance or contents of documents and to the physical existence; the term is also used to designate both the message (substance and form) and its communication. A distinction is made between raw information (facts, concepts, representation) and the documents in which it is recorded. Data, as discrete and unorganized pieces of information, become information when these pieces are processed, interpreted and presented in an organized or logical form to facilitate a better comprehension of the concerned topic or issue. Knowledge is an organized body of information that can be used as the basis of further knowledge. Information that removes uncertainty and alters concepts is knowledge. The other synonymous words for information are: facts, intelligence, advice and wisdom

Information Services

4) Information is power' . Elucidate this statement. Give your answer in five sentences. 
Information has an economic value in transforming all the natural resources of a country into finished products and is treated as a tradable commodity which gets produced, sold and consumed. In this sense, information handling is to be regarded as an industry. Information is, therefore, a resource which can enrich a country to provide a high quality of life to its people. The country that has this wealth, decidedly gets an advantage over other countries. Information is also used as a powerful political weapon and hence regarded as power.

Explosion of information : Growth of information beyond amanageable limit.
Exponential : Quantitative growth of a thing at a particular rate of growth; for example, chemical literature doubles every seven years.
Futurologists : Specialists in social forecasting.
Information Age : A period predominantly centred on information activities
Information Society : A society in which all activities are centred on  information as a basic input.

Source: IGNOU Study Material
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