Interview method

1) Explain the role of interview in survey research Interview method is a very common tool of data collection in survey research.
One author has equated this tool with the surgical instrument in medicine. Through this method qualitative data can be collected which will supplement the research findings.

2) What do you understand by clinical interview?
Clinical interview is one of the types of unstructured interviews. This type is being used in social work, counselling and prison setting. This is also called personal history interview. This interview is used to get data on the personal feelings, life experiences of the respondents.

3) What are the infrastructure requirements for CATI system? 
For CATI system one requires PC which is linked through network to server, telephone line connection, head phones set of questions, list of respondents to be interviewed.

4) Enumerate different stages of interview method.
Stages of Interview Method are:
Planning the interview process, construction of Interview Schedule, pre testing the schedule, recording the answers, preparing the transcripts, data analysis and finally, the report writing.

Personal Interview : It is a face – to face interaction between researcher and respondent.
Interviewer : It is the person who is asking questions. He or she may be a research assistant or a researcher himself/herself.
Interviewee : It is the person who is being asked questions on a particular research problem under investigation. He or she may be called respondent or target population
CATI : It stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. In this system computer is used to conduct interview.
Interview Schedule : List of printed questions for seeking answers from the respondents. Interviewer records the responses on it.

Source:IGNOU Study Material

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