ISRO Library Assistant Exam Revised Answer Key with Question Paper

1. World book & copyright day is celebrated by UNESCO-23rd Apr
2. Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process? - Identification of problem
3. RDA is related to-Cataloguing
4. Tagging in web 2.0 application is called - Folksonomy
5. PPBS relates to - Budgeting
6.Sheets before and after the text of  book are called-End papers
7.Abstracting service provide-Whole bibliographic description along with abstracts of  article
8.Which 'Canon' is used in idea plane-Canon of characteristics
9.Raw, unevaluated, unprocessed and unorganized facts is known as-Data
10. The first edition of DDC published in- 1876
11. DOI stands for - Digital Object Identifier
12. Koha was developed at- Katipo Communications Ltd, New Zealand
13. In DDC Education is represented by the number -370
14. What is meant by e books - Any book available in electronic form
15. In AACR-2 edition statement has to be written in-Indo Arabic
16. Five laws of library science was first published in - 1931
17. Which one of the following is post-coordinate? -UNITERM
18. Measuring productivity of an author based on number of publication lead to the emergence of - Lotka Law
19. Call Number of a book means- Book number and Class number
20. COMPENDEX  is an online database for- Engineering
21. Patents are which type of information sources - Primary
22. ALU stands for- Arithmetic Logic Unit
23. To ascertain subscription rate of a serial, appropriate source is- Periodical Directory
24.Who is regarded as father of bibliography- Conrad Gesner
25.ETD database in India is maintained by - Shodhganga
Cancelled[26. Mathematical theory of communication by Shanon-Weaver was first published -1948(Given answer are wrong)
Explanation: "the theory was first published after declassification in 1948. Due to Wilbur Schramm’s initiative, it appeared in 1949 as a book with a brief commentary by Warren Weaver."]
27. Intellectual property right is protection given to - All of the above
Revised key[28. In India, Number public libraries have the privilege of legal deposit of act of 1954 are -4,3
Explanation: I think trick is in question. It gives the double meaning which is number of public libraries so it is 3. But National library also public library so it is 4. Thats Y they revised this answer]
29.INSDOC has been merged with NISCOM and is now known as - NISCAIR
30. Impact of ICT on the library and other information centers- All of the above
31. How many digits are in ISSN - 8
32. Who gave rules for Dictionary Catalgoue? - C.A. Cutter
33. 'AND', 'OR', 'NOT' represents - Boolean Logic
34. 'Annals of Libray and Information Studies' is published by - NISCAIR
35. RFID technology is used in -Circulation Control
36. Mozilla is - A web browser
37. The simple Dublin Core Metadata Element Set consists of - 15 elements
38. Technical section performs mainly two functions namely - Classification and Cataloguing
39. CAS is an example of - Alerting service
40. Resource sharing among libraries is known as- Library cooperation
Cancelled[41. According to the first law, location of the library should be- at a central place]
42. One of the following is not a house-keeping operation in library-Inter library loan
43. What are the processes involved in the transfer of information - All of the above
44. Unit card principle is associated with- Card Catalogue
45. A set of rules that govern overall data communications system is popularly known as -Protocol
46. Newark charging system contains - Borrowers card
47. Statistical and mathematical analysis of bibliography is called- Bibliometry
48. Libraries with fully automated services and digital resources is called - Digital libraries
49. Karnataka public library act was passed in the year - 1965
50. The structure of CCF is based on - ISO 2709
51. Which cataloguing code first used ISBD - AACR2
52. Which of the following is not a citation style - Reference Works
53. "Stone D' is used to convert collection from - Greenstone to DSpace
54. The approach that is always found helpful for the arrangement of books in libraries is - Subject
55. Which of the following is not an image format - MPEG
56. A collaborative website where visitors can add, delete, or modify content, including the work of previous authors, is a - Wiki
57. Data about data is called - Metadata
58. POSDCORB is related to- Library administration
59.'Noise' in Information retrieval is due to - Redundant Information
60. Outdated and seldom used books are withdrawn from the library is known as - Weeding

Question Paper
Answer Key

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