CBSE UGC NET July 2016 LIS Paper 2 (31-40)

1. Arrange the following museums according to the year of their establishment :
a. Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Delhi
b. National Museum, Delhi
c. Indian Museum, Calcutta
d. National Gandhi Museum, Delhi
d, a, c, b
c, b, d, a
b, c, d, a
a, d, c, b

2. Arrange the following international standards developed in the broader context of ‘Information Organisation’ in their respective year of development :
a. ISO-999
b. ISO-214
c. ISO-2788
d. ISO-5963
c, b, d, a
a, b, c, d
b, c, d, a
d, c, b, a

3. Match the following :
a. Pareto Chart i. Pictorian representation of stages in a process
b. Fish Bone Diagram ii. Tool of recording variables
c. Flow chart iii. Identifies the intensity of each problem in the production line
d. Check-sheet iv. Identifies the relationship between the defects or problems and their root causes
i, iii, iv, ii
iv, i, ii, iii
iii, iv, ii, i
iii, iv, i, ii

4. Match the following :
a. New Gen Lib i. 1984
b. LIBSYS ii. 2000
c. Koha iii. 2005
d. Open Biblio iv. 2002
ii, i, iii, iv
ii, i, iv, iii
iii, i, ii, iv
iv, iii, ii, i

5. Match the following :
a. Gujarat Public Libraries Act i. 1965
b. Chhattisgarh Public Libraries Act ii. 1993
c. Karnataka Public Libraries Act iii. 2009
d. Goa Public Libraries Act iv. 2001
i, iv, iii, ii
ii, i, iv, iii
iv, ii, iii, i
iv, iii, i, ii

6. Match the following :
a. Key to a given collection i. Abstract
b. Key to literary sources on a subject ii. Index
c. Representation of subject concept iii. Catalogue
d. Condensation of a document iv. Bibliography
iv, ii, iii, i
iii, ii, i, iv
iii, iv, ii, i
i, iii, ii, iv

7. Match the following :
List – I (AACR-II) List – II (Connecting Symbols)
a. The size of the document i. Colon
b. Statement of Responsibility ii. Plus
c. Between place and the name of the publishers iii. Semicolon
d. Accompanying material iv. Diagonal slash
i, iii, iv, ii
ii, iv, iii, i
iv, iii, i, ii
iii, iv, i, ii

8. Match the following :
a. Subject Classification i. J. Atchinson
b. Thesaurofacet ii. S.R. Ranganathan
c. Classaurus iii. J.D. Brown
d. APUPA iv. G. Bhattacharya
iv, iii, ii, i
i, ii, iii, iv
iii, i, iv, ii
ii, iv, i, iii

9. Match the following :
a. Classical School i. John Cotton Dana
b. X and Y Theory ii. Henry Fayol
c. Newark Charging System iii. Peter Drucker
d. MBO iv. Douglas McGregor
i, iii, iv, ii
iii, iv, i, ii
ii, iv, i, iii
iii, ii, iv, i

10. Assertion (A) : Selection of e-resources requires utmost care and caution in order to make the same user-centric.
Reason (R) : Availability of seamless online products in the market coupled with abundant internet resources at no cost made the e-resources redundant.

(A), is false, but (R) is true.
Both (A) and (R) false.
(A) is true, but (R) is false.
Both (A) and (R) true.

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