CBSE UGC NET July 2016 LIS Paper 3 (1-10)

1. Which law of the Library Science, as enunciated by Dr. Ranganathan, covered the words children, blind and the crippled, artisans, neo-literates, farmers, factory workers, and many more under the ambience of Public Library Service ?
First Law
Second Law
Fourth Law
Fifth Law

2. Chapter – 9 of AACR-2 has changed its name in AACR 2R 2002. Identify the changed name.
Computer Files
Electronic Resources
Machine Readable Data Files
Computer Resources

3. Which of the following Associations had suggested that, for every 3000 persons there should be one public library and India with 1.2 billion population requires 3,30,000 libraries ?

4. Who, among the following, had visualized the establishment of Village Knowledge Centres (VKCs) in 2.3 lakh Panchayats to empower the villagers with knowledge ?
Jawaharlal Nehru
Dr. S.R. Ranganathan
Dr. Abdul Kalam
C.V. Raman

5. In1930, who theorized that reference work may be conservative, moderate and liberal ?
James I. Wyer
William A. Katz
S.R. Ranganathan
S. Rothestein

6. The term ‘Exponential Growth’ refers to
Linear Growth
Normal mode of distribution
Geometric Progression
Arithmetic Progression

7. Which of the following sections of the ‘Right to Information Act’, 2005 (India) grants exemption from disclosure of information ?
Section – 5(2)
Section – 6
Section – 8
Section – 11

8. The World Digital Library (WDL) is an international collaboration led by
IFLA, with support of Library of Congress
CILIP, with support of UNESCO
CILIP, with support of IFLA
Library of Congress, with support of UNESCO

9. Which of the following is the first book authored by S.R. Ranganathan ?
Library Manual
Five laws of Library Science
Prolegomena to Library Classification
Colon Classification

10. Journalseek is an :
Online database covering academic journals articles
Online database covering abstracts
Online database of freely available journal information
Subscription agent for freely available journals

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