KVS Librarian Exam Special Mock Test -18

 Thirunavukkarasu TC  Dec 20, 2018
1. Who has evolved 'Bureaucracy model' of organization?
John A. Veig
Harold Laski
Max Weber
Joseph Massie

2. The committee that advises the Government in matters relating to libraries is
State central committee
Local library authority
Adhoc committee
Executive committee

3. Who has studied the psychology of workers?
Hugo Mansterberg
F. W. Taylor
Frank Gilbreth
Henry Fayol

4. Who emphasized the importance of arrangement of personnel in an organization?
John Stuart Mill
Gaus, White and Dimcock

5. Newark charging system was introduced in the
British Library
Library of Congress
Public Library of Newark
National Library

6. Accession Register is maintained by
Technical Section
Acquisition Section
Periodical Section
Reference Section

7. Photo charging system was introduced by
M.A. Gopinath
Ralph. R. Shaw
C.A. Cutter
R.L. Mittal

8. Ranganathan's Reader's Ticket, Book Ticket method introduced in which library?
National Library
Madras University Library
Delhi University Library
Public Library

9. The term 'Bespeaking work' was used by
C.A. Cutter
M.A. Gopinath
S.R. Ranganathan

10. What is the component of SDI?
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