Maharashtra State Eligibility Test May 2016 Paper 2 (31-40)

1. Which term was coined for 'Mobile library' by S.R. Ranganathan?
Library on wheels
Moving library
Locomotive library

2. The concept of self renewing library was introduced by

3. Institutional repositories are often referred to as
Digital libraries
Virtual libraries

4. Prenatal cataloguing implies
Co-operative cataloguing
Interlibrary loan
Centralised cataloguing
Co-operative storage

5. Which of the following Acts is chronologically the earliest Library Act in India
Manipur Public Libraries Act
Arunachal Pradesh Public Libraries Act
Gujarat Public Libraries Act
Rajasthan Public Libraries Act

6. IFLA is concerned with
Bill of rights
Copyright services
Medium term programme
Rules for dictionary catalogue

7. Who said that ‘Right book to the right reader at the right time’
SR. Ranganathan
G. Bhattacharya
J. K. K. Drury
Melvil Dewey

8. The first major model for communication was introduced by Shannon and Weaver for
Bell Laboratories
English Electric Company
Hawthorne works

9. Chairman of the Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) library and information science appointed by UGC in 2001 was
K.A. Isaac
C.R. Karrisiddappa
P.N. Kaula
P.B. Mangala

10. Melvil Dewey started the first library school in
Columbia College
New York State Library in Albany
Adam's Center New York
Amherst college

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