10 Facts You Should Know About QR Code

1. 'QR' in QR code is an abbreviation of ?
Quick Response..

2. What is a QR code?
QR code is a 2 dimensional bar code with a web link embedded in it, when scanned it opens the link.

3.Who created the QR code?
Denso WAVE. A subsidiary of Denso corporation that produces automatic identification products like bar code readers, industrial robots, programmable logic controllers created 2D QR codes in 1994.

4. Why do we need QR code?
They are intended to be a quick way to perform an action with your phone.

It allows u to easily access the website without typing the web address in your phone- just by scanning the picture

5. What should we do to get the info on a QR code?
Take a picture with your cellphone camera.It will direct you to the URL that is coded in the 2D bar code.

6. Who can read a QR code?
Anyone with a smart phone and a bar code scanner app.
Or a 2D bar code scanner..

7. One major difference between Bar code and QR code?
Bar code contains data in one direction only.
QR code contains info in vertical and horizontal directions..

8. How many characters/ digits can a QR code store?
Numeric only - max 7089 characters
Alphanumeric - max 4296 characters.
Binary(8 bits) - max 2952 bytes.

9. Does a QR Code have to be black and white only?
No. Mostly QR codes are Black and white. But they don't have to be this way. They can be any color and even include more than 2 colors.

10. How many different sections are there in a QR code?
8 sections.
1.Finder Pattern
3.Timing patterns
4.Alignment pattern
5.Format information
7.Error correction
8.Remainder bits.

Prepared By. SARITHA V O.  Assitant Librarian and Information Officer, Anna Centenary Library
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