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Paper 2 Unit 8 Full Unit Test Published

Karnataka SET (KSET) 2015 LIS Paper 3 (11-20)

1. Indexing language used in KWIC is known as
Free Indexing Language
Controlled Language
Natural Index Language0

2. The journal 'Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS)' is published by

3. Seminal Mnemonics is found in

4. Which law of library science is indicative of biology entity?
First law
Fifth law
Third law
Fourth law

5. Relational dabase is
A work which has some relationship with another work
A symbol representing relationship between two concepts
Manipulation commands which relate records in different fields
A mechanism which transfer database from one field to another field

6. A four P's in marketing include
Planning, Product, Pricing, Promotion
Product, Price, Promotion, Place
Product, Price, Promotion, Programming
Preview, Price, Promotion, Place

7. 'Limca Book of Records' is a publication of
Times of India
Pepsi India
CocaCola India

8. The expansion of RDBMS is
Research Database Management System
Rational Database Management System
Relational Database Management System
Reference Database Management System

9. Which of the following is a search engine?
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Google Scholar

10. Which one of the following is a trade Bibliography?
Indian National Bibliography (INB)
Indian Books in Print
Universal Bibliography
British National Bibliography (BNB)

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