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Karnataka SET (KSET) 2015 LIS Paper 2 (11-20)

1. Bibliographic coupling was first advocated by
M.M. Kessler
S.C. Bradford
B.K. Sen
S.R. Ranganathan

2. User studies was first conducted by
S.R. Ranganathan
J.D. Bernal
C.D. Deshmukh
Kris. Subramanyam

3. Invisible colleges are an example for
Formal Communication
Verbal Communication
Written Communication
Informal Communication

4. Public Library Movement was first initiated in India at

5. A detailed note on 'Plate Tectonics' can be found in
Encyclopedia of religion and ethics
Encyclopedia of social science
Encyclopedia Britannica
McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and technology

6. The name of the currency of Japan can be found in
Statesman's Year Book
Discovery of India
Karnataka Gazette
India: A Reference Annual

7. E-mail service in a library can be associated with
Photocopying service
Referral Service
Document delivery service
Indexing service

8. The abstracts prepared by using computer is known as
On-line abstracts
Auto abstracts
Slant to abstracts
Informative abstracts

9. To measure the performance of IRS, the term 'Precision' was first proposed by

10. The symbol that is used to link related classes in UDC is
+ (plus)
/ (oblique)
: (colon)
= (equal to)