West Bengal State Eligibility Test (WB-SET) 2014 LIS Paper 3 (51-60)

1. Identify which one of the following services are not provided on demand by the documentation or information centres.
Document delivery service
Literature search service
Current awareness service
Translation service

2.Citation is required in a publication
to replace the index.
to prepare a catalogue.
to acknowledge one document receives from another
None of the above

3.SCOPUS is a
Bibliographic only database
Bibliographic + Abstract database
Bibliographic + Abstract + Citation database
None of the above

4. Books of unknown or doubtful authorship are known as
Apocryphal books
Blue books

5. Web of knowledge is a
Bibliographic database
Single-publisher full text database
Cross-publisher full text database
None of the above

6. JSTOR, the digital library originally containing digitized back issues of academic journals was found in 1995 by
William G. Bowen
Kevin Guthrie
William Saffady
B.C. Vickery

7. West Bengal Public Libraries Act was ammended first time in the year:

8.Which one of the following is not a library extension activity?
Library Talks
Book Exhibition
Inter Library Loan
Story telling

9.The “Know-how” and “Know-who” types of knowledge are difficult to codify and measure, because both are:
explicit knowledge
public knowledge
tacit knowledge
none of the above

10.Which king or emperor tried to burn all books, hoping that future historians would say that all knowledge started in his reign?
Genghis Khan, Mongolia
Qin Shi Huang, China
Nero, Rome
Ivan IV, Russia

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