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Test 6: Rank List Published. and P2U5 Topic Wise Test Published

Online Coaching : Unit Test 6 : Library Management

LISQUIZ Online Coaching Series
1. First exponent of Scientific Method was
Francis bacon
H E Bliss
S R Ranganthan

2. Scalar chain shows?
Authority structure
Scale of pay of staff
conveyor chain of books
Lickert Scale

3. Authority file is maintained in the
Periodical section
Acquisition section
Technical section
Library administrative section

4. Greenway plan blanket order is related to
Personal Management

5. Who introduced photo charging method?
Ralph R Shaw

6. Modular building construction is based on
Psychological construction
Monumental construction
A set of model
None of these

7. Organisation chart denotes
building plan
organisational structure
arrangement of the racks
location of the departments

8. Supervision is the responsibility of
Top management
Operation management
Low level management
Middle management

9. Who developed product/market development strategy matrix for library professional?
Derek Austin
HI Ansoff
S R Ranganathan

10.The major roles of Good Office Committee is
To solve the problems of acquisition of books
To solve the problems related to subscription of foreign periodicals
To solve the problems of acquiring Non Book Materials
None of these

11. One card system is related with
Book acquistion
Periodical registration

12. The methods of estimating funds for libraries are propotional method of datails and
Staff formula
On the size of the book collection
Estimation method

13. Pigeon hole racks can be used for
Book display
Periodical display
Non book material
None of these

14. All the powers in an organisation vested to one person is known as
Unity of command
Line of control

15. The library annual report is prepared
to understand the performance of library
to attract the users
assess future financial requirements
all the above

16. Dewey coined a book selection motto that "The best reading for the largest number at the least cost' was coined in a year

17. The average height of the book rack must be
7 feet
6 feet
5 feet
3 feet

18.Programme Evaluation and Review Techniques(PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM) are used in
Modern Mangement

19. Management By Objectives was developed by Peter Drucker in the year

20. The budget for a college library is approved by
Principal of college
Executive council
Higher education
Library Committee

21. When Zero Based Budget was first prepared

22. Lickert name is associated with
Theory of motivation
Decision making theory
Style of Leadership
None of the above

23. 'Theory Y' lay emphasis on
less formalized and emphasize self-control
close supervision
control on worker
play rather than work

24.Costs which do not vary with output are
Marginal cost
Variable cost
Fixed cost
Unit cost

25. 'Recto' refers to
Printed sheet
Table of contents page
Right hand page of the book
Left hand page of the book

26. Effective Humon Resource Management is focused on
Record keeping

27. Job ranking, point system and checklist methods are methods of
Identification of jobs
Job analysis
Job dimension
Job evaluation

28. Staff formula helps the librarian
to minimize the staff
To understand the staff problems
to assess the number of staff required to run the library
None of these

29. The central concept of TQM is
ISO 9002
Quality circles
JOHARI Windows
SWOT Analysis

30. CI Barnard is related to
Classical school of thought
Social system school
Scientific school of thought
None of the above

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