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Test 6: P2U4 Published.

UGC NET December 2015 LIS Paper 3 (11-20)

1. What type of directory is the "Times of India Directory and Yearbook including Who's Who"?

2. Folksonomy is a
System in which users apply public tag to microdocuments only.
System in which users apply public tag to online items.
System in which users do not apply public tag to online items.
System in which users apply public tag to only print items.

3. What is intercalation in UDC
Prefix of auxiliary
Suffix of auxiliary
Infix of auxiliary

4. The first order of division of classes in DDC is based on
Jewett’s system of classification
System of Paris Book Sellers
The Fixed Location System
Francis Bacon’s three fountains of learning

5. Identify the service that is made available through Web 3.0 Technologies
Message Board

6. Who propounded the ’theory of human relation’
Renis Likert
Elton Mayo
None of the above

7. What is Dynamic HTML
Asynchronous Web Development Technique
Collection of technologies to create interactive, animated website
Dynamic Web Page
Digital Signal Processor

8. Which one is not used as transmission media for voice/ data communication
Copper wire
Co-axial cables
Plastic wire
Optic wire

9. Ministry of Education, Government of Delhi will be rendered according to Classified Catalogue Code (CCC) as
Ministry of Education (Delhi)
Delhi, (Education (Ministry of -)
Delhi, Ministry of Education
DELHI, EDUCATION (Ministry of -)

10.Which of the following memories has the shortest access time?
Optical Memory
Magnetic Core Memory
Cache Memory

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