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Test 6: P2U4 Published.

UGC NET December 2015 LIS Paper 2 (31-40)

1. Arrange the following Public Libraries Acts according to their year of enactment
(a). Maharashtra Public Libraries Act
(b). Karnataka Public Libraries Act
(c). Odisha Public Libraries Act
(d). Mizoram Public Libraries Act

2. Identify the correct sequence according to the year of first publication
(a). Library and Information Science Abstract, Biological Abstract, Chemical Abstract
(b). Chemical Abstract, Biological Abstract, Library and Information Science Abstract
(c). Biological Abstract, Chemical Abstract, Library and Information Science Abstract
(d). Chemical Abstract, Library and Information Science Abstract, Biological Abstract
(a) (b) (c) (d)

3. Arrange the following publications of S.R.Ranganathan in their year of first publication
(a). Reference Service
(b). Colon Classification
(c). Five Laws of Library Science
(d). Prolegomena to Library Classification

4. Match the following
List-IList II
(a). Indcat(i). Access for e-resources
(b). Shodhganga(ii). Digital Library Consortium
(c). N-list(iii). Indian ETD repository
(d). UGC Infonet(iv). Online Union Catalogue of Indian Univerisites

5.Match the following
List-IList II
(a). Rules for Dictionay Catalogue(i). S.R. Ranganathan
(b). PMEST(ii). Kaiser
(c). Systematic Indexing(iii). Cutter
(d). Nested Phrase Indexing System(iv). T.C. Carven

6. Match the following
List-IList II
(a). Lickert Type(i). Test of significance of the difference between variables
(b). Chi-Square(ii). Test of Measurement
(c). ANOVA(iii). Summation Scale
(d). Test of validity(iv). Test of significance

7. Match the following
List-IList II
(a). Turnitin(i). Electronic Resource Management Software
(b). Drupal(ii). Usage Statistics Software
(c). CORAL(iii). Antiplagiarism Software
(d). SUSHI(iv). Content Management Software

8.Match the following
List-IList II
(a). Nadir to Ascendant(i). Verification phase
(b). Ascendant to Zenith(ii). deductive phase
(c). Zenith to Descendant(iii). Hypothesing phase
(d). Descendant to Nadir(iv). Empirical phase

9. Match the following
List-IList II
(a). The Design Act(i). 1970
(b). The Copyright Act(ii). 1958
(c). The Trade and Merchandise Mark Act(iii). 1911
(d). The Patents Act(iv). 1957

10.Assertion (A): Inter-library loan services are still a necessity in the information explosion regime
Reason (R): None of the libraries are self sufficient with respect to their holding
Both (A) and (R) are true
(A) is true and (R) is false
Both (A) and (R) are fale
(A) is false and (R) is true

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