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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test February 2013 Paper 1 (31-40)

1. In this question, a statement is followed by two assumptions, I and II.
Decide which of the assumption/s is/are implicit in the given statement. Indicate your answer by choosing one of the alternatives :
Statement :
Children are influenced more by their teachers.
Assumptions :
I : A large amount of time is spent at school by the children.
II : Children consider their teachers as role models
Alternatives :

if assumption I only is implicit.
if assumption II only is implicit.
if both I and II are implicit.
if neither I nor II is implicit.

2. In this question, two statements numbered 1 and 2 are followed by two conclusions P and Q. You have to take the two statements to be true and then decide which of the two conclusion/s necessarily follow/s from the two given statements. Indicate your answer by using the appropriate alternative :
Statements :
(1) All guilty men are prisoners.
(2) No prisoners are educated.
Conclusions :
(P) Some educated persons are prisoners.
(Q) Some educated persons are guilty.
Alternatives :

if only conclusion P follows.
if only conclusion Q follows.
if both conclusions P and Q follow.
if neither conclusion P nor Q follows.

3.Replace the question mark (?) by an appropriate alternative : Yard : ? :: Quart : Litre

4. Find the odd man out :

5. In a junior college with 500 students, 250 students study Mathematics and 200 students study Biology. One hundred students study neither Mathematics nor Biology. How many students study both Mathematics and Biology ?

6. Select the same relationship from the given four alternatives as given in the original pair. Square : Cube
Triangle : Prism
Circle : Sphere
Sphere : Earth
Line : Cylinder

Yearly income of three men and two women is given in the following table. Read the table and answer questions 7 to 9 :
7.Who has the average income of Rs. 1,40,000 for all the four years ?
Mohan alone
Mohan and Hariprasad both
Laxman and Km. Radha both
Km. Radha alone

8. How high is the total average income for four years of men compared to that of women (in thousand rupees) ?

9. What is, in round figures, the ratio between the total income of men and that of women for all years ?
14 : 15
15 : 16
23 : 21
16 : 14

The following table shows the percent change in monthly value of inventory at six businesses from April to June (for Q. Nos. 10 to 12) :
10.If the value of inventory at Business Q was Rs. 30 lakh for April, what was its value for June ?
Rs. 22.500 lakh
Rs. 29.925 lakh
Rs. 30.000 lakh
Rs. 33.000 lakh

11. Which of the six businesses had the greatest percent change in value of inventory from April to June ?
P, R and T

12. The value of inventory for May as percentage of the value of inventory for June is maximum for Business :

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