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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test September 2015 Paper 3 (21-30)

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MH SET 2015
1. Which of the following can be identified with Ranganathan’s fifth law of Library Science ?
Providing SDI Service
Providing Open Access
Providing analytical entries
Opening Branch Libraries

2. The term ‘Canon’ was introduced by :
S.R. Ranganathan
H.E. Bliss
W.C.B. Sayers
E.C. Richardson

3According to CCC which one of the following entry does not give Class Number ?
Main Entry

4.The term ‘Exponential Growth’ is referred to :
Linear Growth
Geometrical Progression
Arithmetical Progression
Normal Frequency Distribution

5.Data mining is :
A technique for searching large scale databases
A database used for reporting
A repository of an organisation’s stored data
The process of designing, building and maintaining and organisation’s database

6.Match List-I and List-II and choose the correct answer by using the codes given below :
(i) E spirit-de-corps
(ii) Theory X and theory Y
(iii) Hierarchy of human needs
(iv) Hygiene-motivation theory
(a) Herzberg
(b) Maslow
(c) Douglas McGregor
(d) Henry Fayol

(a) (b) (c) (d)
(b) (c) (d) (a)
(c) (d) (a) (b)
(d) (c) (b) (a)

7.Identify the statement that is not true about ISDN :
ISDN is not limited to transmission of voice only
ISDN is simply a point-to-point solution like a leased line
ISDN is purely digital communication
ISDN can provide simultaneous voice, video and text transmission

8.‘Half Life’ relates to :
Rate of Growth
Rate of Obsolescence
Degree of Scatter
Life of a Journal

9.In experimental research method treatment is administered to members of the :
Control Group
Both Experimental and Control Group
Experimental Group
To neither of the two groups

10.Which is not applicable to the Digital Library ?
Digital library is a logical extension of the traditional library
Digital library is a system that provides community of users with coherent access to a large repository of knowledge
Digital library is an organisation that does not require the specialised staff
Digital library is used by many at the same time

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