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Karnataka SET 2014 Paper 1 General (51-60)

1. One of the following is related to fundamentals of learning
Teaching Aids

2. These are fundamentals of course design
Goals, syllabus, guidelines, teaching aids, examination
Goals, content, context, methods, assessment
Curriculum, teaching method, assessment, evaluation
Syllabus, teaching method, learning outcome, evaluation

3. What is the type of verbal communication do you find in classroom ?
Spoken and written
Body language

4. What is meant by semantics in classroom teaching ?
It concerns excellence in teaching
It concerns the problems in communication
It concerns verbal and non-verbal codes
It concerns transmission of knowledge

5. The warming of earth due to atmospheric gases is known as
Air pollution
Ozone depletion
Green house effect
Green gas effect

6. Ozone is scientifically represented as

7. Crocodiles prefer sun bath
to elevate body temperature
to dry their skin
to decrease body temperature
to maintain body temperature

8. Who can declare an area to be constituted as a national park according to Wild Life Act ?
Supreme Court
High Court
State Government
Central Government

9. ‘Biological Hot Spot’ refers to
Important spot from Biological point of view
Spot where environment has reached dangerous level
Place where temperature is very high
Place where biodiversity is very safe

10. Who is the Chairman of Pollution Control Board of Karnataka ?
U. R. Rao
Madhav Gadgil
C. N. R. Rao

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