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CBSE UGC NET June 2015 Library and Information Science Paper II (1-10)

CBSE NET, UGC NET June 2015, Answer Key, Mock Test, Solved Question Paper,

CBSE UGC NET June 2015
1. SMCR Communication model was developed by
David K Berlo
Harold Lasswell
Charles Osgood

2. Who suggested the' Seven Lamps of Conduct' as must for library professional?
Joint Council of Library Association in India(JOCLAI)
Indian Library Assocication

3.Dare,which is a UNESCO database, provide information for
Social Sciences
Applied Sciences
Pure Sciences

4.Which type of information need can be satisfied with Review and State -of-the Art Reports?
Catching up

5. The principle which states that if the facet B in a subject will not be operative without the concept behind A is conceded then B Should follow A is known as:
Priniciple of later in time
Principle of gradual evolution
Principle of bottom upwards
Wall-picture principle

6. The principle which states' that between two or more possible alternative bearing on a particular phenomenon, the one leading to overall economy is to be preferred' is known as
Law of symmetry
Law of Parsimony
Law of Osmosis
Law of Impartiality

7. The record associated with genealogy file might reasonably be arranged in a:
Clustered files
Tree-Structered files
Hashed files
Indexed files

8. What is the purpose of cookies
Identify Users on the server
Act as buffer store
connects database
Develops dynamic webpages

9. 'Rank x frequency=constant' formula describes the essence of
Impact factor
Zip's Law
Fuzzy query
Lotka Law

10. Name the Indian Librarian who was honored with the title of 'Khan Bahadur' in 1935 by the brithish Government

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