Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (MH SET) December 2013 LIS Paper 2 (11-20)

LIS QUIZ SERIES 11.Which one of the following cannot be transferred from one individual to another ?

12.The purpose of a ‘see reference’ in a library catalogue is to direct a user from a :
standard term to a non-standard term
Broader term to a narrower term
Non-standard term to standard term
Term to its related term

13.N-LIST stands for
Nuclear Library and Information System Technique
National Library and Information Service Infrastructure for Scholarly Content
National Library and Information System of Thailand
National Library and Information Service for Theses

14.Identify the non-probability sampling technique among the following
Simple Random
Systematic Random

15.Which theory of motivation assumes that employees are inherently lazy ?
Herzberg’s theory of Motivation
McGregor’s theory X
McGregor’s theory Y
Maslow’s theory of Motivation

16.Open systems Interconnection was an effort to
Standardize Networking
Provide Internet Connectivity
Provide E-mails
Standardize bibliographic description

17.A translation pool is
A group of translators
An agency holding collection of translated documents
An index of translated documents
A bibliography of translated books

18.According to revised Indian Copyright Act, the rights of an author for a work is protected for
Author’s life and sixty years after death
Author’s life
Author’s life and ten years after death
Thirty years from the date of publication

19.Which information theory focuses on the purpose of communication as to inform, instruct or motivate the receiver ?
Shannon’s theory
Weaver’s theory
Ackoff’s theory
Yovits’ theory

20.Which law of Library Science, emphasises that ‘Information is a dynamic, continuum and never ending phenomenon’ ?
Fifth Law
Fourth Law
Third Law
Second Law

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