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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (MH SET) December 2013 LIS Paper 3 (31-40)

31.Which type of switching system is used in telephone network ?
Message switching
Circuit switching
Packet switching
Source switching

32.E-mail systems are based on ............... model.
Only store
Store and forward
Collect and preserve
Only disseminate

33.Which information scientist has expressed knowledge in a simple mathematical equation K(S) 1 K(S S) ?
B. C. Brooks
C. E. Shanon
N. J. Belkin
F. Machlup

34....... softwares are protected by laws and also owned by a particular owner.
Open system

35.Match the following and select the correct answer from the codes given below :
(i) Operating system----------- (a) WinZip
(ii) Utility software -----------(b) C++
(iii) Application software----------- (c) Linux
(iv) High level language----------- (d) MS Office

(b) (d) (a) (c)
(c) (a) (d) (b)
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(d) (c) (b) (a)

36.Which of the following budgeting methods does not take into consideration previous income and expenditure ?
Formula budget
Zero based budget
Programme budget
Line by line budget

37.In Binary Number System digit 9 is represented by :

38.Data Mining is .....
A technique for searching large scale databases for patterns
A database used for reporting
A repository of an organisation’s stored data
The process of designing, building and maintaining an organisation’s database

39.Who coined the term ‘Blog’ ?
Peter Merhotz
John Berger
David Weiner
Michael Zeinne

40.FRBR is ..........
a data model
a catalogue model
a conceptual model
a bibliographic model