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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (MH SET) December 2013 LIS Paper 2 (31-40)

Maharashtra State Eligibility Test, December 2013, MH-SET,Savitribai Phule Pune University,University Of Pune, UGC NET, CBSE NET, Solved Old Question Papers

31.UGC Curriculum Development Committee, 2001 was established under the chairmanship of
P.S.G. Kumar
P.N. Kaula
C.R. Karisiddappa
Sam Pitroda

32.Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation was set up in

33.The first ‘Online bibliographic search system’ was demonstrated by
Institute of Technology, New Jersey
Systems Development Corporation
University of Birmingham
Library of Congress

34.The value of correlation coefficient ranges from
0 to 2
+1 to –1
–1 to 0
0 to +1

35.Which is the correct order of catalogue codes as per their year of origin ?
Rules for dictionary catalogue, AA code, ALA Rules, AACR-1
ALA Rules, AACR-1, Rules for Dictionary catalogue, AA code
Rules for Dictionary Catalogue, ALA Rules, AACR-1, AA code
AA code, Rules for Dictionary Catalogue, ALA Rules, AACR-1

36.INSPEC database provides
Full Text
Index and Abstracts
Numerical Information
Abstracts and Full Text

37.Who propounded ‘conservative, moderate and liberal’ theories of reference service ?
William Katz
S.R. Ranganathan
James Wyer

38.Which among the following is not a role of library and information professionals ?
Knowledge dissemination
Knowledge Generation
Preservation of knowledge resources
Acquisition of knowledge resources

39.Which of the following pair is wrong ?
Eugene Garfield—Citation Indexing
H.P. Luhn—KWIC Indexing
S.R. Ranganathan—Chain Indexing
Derek Austin—POPSI

40.‘Delivery of Books Act’ was enacted in

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