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Objective questions in Information Services

1.A:Information services are needed to provide information only on demand
B:We Can also provide information in anticipation of its use

A is true B is false
A is false B is true
Both A and B are true
Both A and B are false

2.Arrange the Links in Information Transmission Chain in correct order
1) The Primary Publications System
2) The Secondary/Tertiary Publications Systems
3) Sources of Generation
4) Facilitators of Information Transmission

3.Select the facilitators of information
1) Information centres
2) On-line database services
3) Information analysis centres
4) Referral centres


4.Which is not a bibliographical service?
Current Awareness Service
Selective Dissemination of information
Indexing and Abstracting Services
Translation service

5.Which of the following is/are not come under current awarness service?
1) Display of currently received documents
2) Notifying the receipts of new arrivals
3) Routing of journals
4) Publication of in-house current awareness bulletins
1 & 2
2 & 3
4 only
None of the above

6.The International Translation Centre, The Delft is located in

7.A:Referral Centre provides sources of information only
B: Not only sources of information but also documents as well as the needed information

A is true, B is false
A is false, B is true
Both (A & B) are true
Both (A & B) are false

8.Which is/are not a translation services?
1) a complete literal translation of documents
2) a free translation of the major points of the documents
3) oral explanation of the contents of the documents.

2 only
3 only
None of the above

9.A: Referral Centers stocks only access tools such as directories, guides union catalogues and lists.
B: provides only enquiry service

A is true, B is false
A is false, B is true
Both (A & B) are true
Both (A & B) are false

10.A:Document delivery service is defined as the provision of supplying documents by a library from its own only
B:It can be from outside resources also

A is true, B is false
A is false, B is true
Both (A & B) are true
Both (A & B) are false

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