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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test (MH SET) December 2013 Paper 1 (11-20)

1. ........ hypothesis is a proposal based on specific observations.

2. Which one of the following is the most important component of normative research ?
participatory observation
deductive method
field work

Answer question Nos. 13 to 18 based on either the English passage or the Marathi passage : In the lack of good knowledge of grammar, it is impossible for one to write correctly and effectively. It must be borne in mind that all well-informed and knowledgeable persons judge a man’s mind by his writing or speaking. Indeed, to acquire the knowledge of grammar is not an easy task. The grammar is not like arithmetic — a science consisting of several distinct departments, some of which may be dispensed with; it is a whole and the whole must be learnt, or no part is learnt. Its learning demands much reflection and much patience, but when one task is performed it is performed for life, and in everyday of that life it will be found to be, in a greater or less degree, a source of pleasure or profit, or both together. The learning of grammar needs no bodily exertion; it exposes the student to no cold, no hunger, no suffering of any sort. What more, the study does not affect the hours of business, nor the hours of necessary exercise, but the hours usually spent on the tea and coffee shops and in the mere gossip which accompanies them. The wasted hours of only one year, employed in the study of English grammar, would make you a correct speaker and writer for the rest of your life. One needs no school, no study room, no expenses and not many tuitions and coachings of any sort. If you are willing, you can accomplish this undertaking with ease whether you are poor, pressed with business or other conveniences and have many other sorts of problems.
3.Why is the knowledge of grammar essential ?
It is essential for an image in the society
It is necessary for judging the mind of others
It is essential for good speaking and writing
None of the above

4.How should grammar be learnt ?
It must be learnt as a whole
Some of its parts may be omitted like arithmetic
It is not essential, you can ignore anything
None of the above

5. The study of grammar demands :
constant body exertion
only the leisure time
physical hardship
heavy expenses for tuitions

6. A suitable title for the passage is :
The importance of Grammar in Life
The importance of Grammar in Writing
The importance of Grammar
None of the above

7. Acquisition of the knowledge of grammar :
happens by subconscious learning
can only be done through tuitions
is an easy task
is not an easy task

8. The most important factor affecting learning of grammar is :
availability of time
willingness to learn
quality of coaching
the monetary means

9. The effectiveness of communication is usually decided on the basis of :
quality of feedback
simplicity of message
economic use of medium
None of the above

10. Which of the following is an incorrect pair ?
Television : TRP
Newspaper : RAM
Website : Hits
Film : Box office

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