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Gujarat State Eligibility Test December 2013 (GSET) Solved Paper 3 (1-10)

1. Assertion(A): Computerization of college libraries in India has speed-ed up Reason(R): NAAC is one of the forces for computerization of college libraries
(A) is true but (R) is false
(R) is true but (A) is false
Both (A) and (R) are true
Both (A) and (R) are false

2. The formula for measuring the recall ratio is
Number of relevant items retrieved/Total number of relevant items in the collection*100
Number of relevant items retrieved/Total number of irrelevant items in the collection*100
Number of irrelevant items retrieved/Total number of relevant items in the collection*100
Number of relevant items in the collection/Total number of relevant items retrieved*100

3.Path-finders are basically
Subject bibliographies

4.Keesings record of world events is a
An annual
News digest
An almanac

5. Which agency drafted National Policy on Libraries in India
Department of Culture, Govt. of India
Department of Education, Govt. of India
University Grants Commission
Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation

6. Which of the following is not true about the concept of Information Policy?
It is a multifaceted concept
Academic writings on information policy can be found only in Library and Information Science Journals
It is related to Information ecosystem
It has evolved as a direct response to the emergence of ICTs

7. According to Matchlup, the difference between Information and Knowledge is
Information increases with use, whereas knowledge is constant
Information is stimulatory, whereas knowledge is practical
Information is shareable, whereas knowledge is one's property
Information is piecemeal, fragmented, particular, whereas knowledge is structured, coherent and universal

8. Identify the correct logical sequence in research process
Problem identification, interpretation, findings, data collection
Data collection, problem identification, interpretation, findings
Data Collection, interpretation, findings, problem identification
Problem identification, data collection, interpretation, findings

9. Which of the following is not a referencing style?
Chicago Manual of Style
American Psychological Association
Resource Description and Access
Scientific Style and Format

10. The concept of 'artificial intelligence' belongs to.....generation

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