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UGC NET JUNE 2014 PAPER I(41-50)

41.Consider the statement which is followed by two arguments (i) and (ii).
Statement: India should have a very strong and powerful Lokpal.
(i) Yes, it will go a long in eliminating corruption in bureaucracy.
(ii) No, it will discourage honest officers from making quick decisions. Codes:

Only argument (i) is strong.
Only argument (ii) is strong.
Both the arguments are strong.
Neither of the arguments is strong.

42.Which of the following universities has adopted the Meta university concept?
Assam University
Delhi University
Hyderabad University
Pondicherry University

43.Which of the following statements are correct about a Central University?
1. Central University is established under an Act of Parliament.
2. The President of India acts as the visitor of the University.
3. The President has the power to nominate some members to the Executive Committee or the Board of Management of the University.
4. The President occasionally presides over the meetings of the Executive Committee or Court.
Select the correct answer from the code given below :

1, 2 and 4
1, 3 and 4
1, 2 and 3
1, 2, 3 and 4

44.Which one of the following is considered a sign of motivated teaching?
Students asking questions
Maximum attendance of the students
Pin drop silence in the classroom
Students taking notes

45.Which one of the following is the best method of teaching?

46.Dyslexia is associated with
mental disorder
behavioural disorder
reading disorder
writing disorder

47.The e-content generation for undergraduate courses has been assigned by the Ministry of Human Resource Development to
Consortium for Educational Communication
National Knowledge Commission
Indira Gandhi National Open University

48. Classroom communication is normally considered as

49.Who among the following propounded the concept of paradigm?
Peter Haggett
Von Thunen
Thomas Kuhn
John K. Wright

50.In a thesis, figures and tables are included in
the appendix
a separate chapter
the concluding chapter
the text itself

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