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Online Coaching : Unit Test 10 - Library and its Users

1.Which one of the following types of libraries has a variety of library clientele?
Special Library
Academic Library
School Library
Public Library

2.In a school library which of the following materials would you not except to find
Research reports

3.Which of the following statements about national libraries is incorrect?
National Libraries are expected___

To serve the needs of the legislative body
To function as deposit libraries
To bring out a national bibliography
To be involved in universal bibliographic control

4.Library orientation, bibliographic instruction and user education are related in the following way
All mean the same thing
User education is wider and encompasses the other two
Library orientation is widens and encompasses the other two
None of the above

5.RRRLF is a
Library association
A public library
A public trust supporting libraries
A Government body for supporting public libraries

6.INFLIBNET is a programme sponsored by
Planning Commission
Ministry of electronics

7.Who was the first chairman of UGC?
D.S. Kothari
S. Radhakrishnan
C.D. Deshmukh
K.P. Sinha

8.Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF) established in 1972 and fully financed by the
Ministry of Education, Government of India.
Ministry of Culture, Government of India.
Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of India.
Ministry of Culture, Government of West Bengal

9.What are the methods of user studies?
Measurement of use
Surveys of the users
Community profiles
All the above

10.Who contributed about the systematic use of the user's education?
S.S. Green
P.B. Knapp
E.J. Coates

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