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Andhra Pradesh State Eligibility Test 2012 Solved Paper I Series(41-50)

41. The Universe for a research study comprises of 60000 students from rural and urban colleges, boys and girls, students of various social groups. Identify the best method of sampling.
Purposive sampling
Stratified sampling
Quota sampling
Stratified random sampling

42. Identify the verbal test from the given standard tests used in educational research
Make a Picture Story Test (MAPS)
Koh’s Block Design Test
Attitude scale
Raven’s Progressive Matrices

43.Match the following activities :
(a) Print media (p) Kuchipudi Dance
(b) Electronic (q) Telugu media News Paper
(c) Folk media (r) Tele conferencing by IGNOU
(d) Mass media (s) Street plays
(aq) (br) (cs) (dp)
(ar) (bp) (cq) (ds)
(aq) (br) (dp) (cs)
(aq) (br) (cp) (ds)

44.2 GB RAM, 3MB RAM, are common terms used while checking on the efficiency of a computer. RAM means
Read All Materials
Random Access Materials
Random Access Memory
Reliable Access Memory

45. You need to send an executive summary of 12 pages of a report of 120 pages on ICT in college education to 20 experts in the field by E-Mail. Identify the appropriate sequence from the following steps
(i) E-Mail Id
(ii) Attachment
(iii) Send
(iv) Compose
(i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)
(iv) , (i), (ii) and (iii)
(iii), (iv), (i) and (ii)
(iv), (ii), (i) and (iii)

46. Information Technology is the generic name performing the following functions
Data storage
Data retrieval
Data communication
All of above

47. Information is stored in a computer in
Random Access Memory
Hard disk
All of above

48. The best economic method of Data Processing is
Batch processing
Transaction processing
Distributed processing
Real time processing

49. Of the total energy consumption in India, domestic consumption is in the range of
10 to 15 percent
25 to 40 percent
40 to 60 percent
60 to 70 percent

50. Identify from the following the disease which is independent of pollution

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