Information Technology Objective Questions

1.Personal computer is also known as
Mainframe Computer
Mini Computer
Super Computer
Micro Computer

2.'VLSIC' stands for
Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits
Very Long Scale Integrated Circuits
Versatile Large Scale Integrated Circuits
Versatile Long Scale Integrated Circuits

3.'Transistor' technology was used in
First generation computer
Second generation computer
Third generation computer
Fourth generation computer

4.'Param2000' is an example of
Micro Computer
Super Computer
Mainframe Computer
Personal Computer

5.Find out the odd one:
Laptop Computer
Desktop Computer
Notebook Computer
Mainframe Computer

6.Which one of the following is used to refer high storage capacity?

7.Which one of the following in not a version of Microsoft Windows?
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows NT
Windows Xperia

8.dbase III is
an application software
an operating system
a hardware
a firmware

9.Which one of the following is a search engine?
Internet explorer
Mozilla firefox
Google Chrome

10.WWW was invented by
Bill Gate
Tim Berners-Lee
Larry Page
Ted Nelson

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