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Library and Information Science General Questions - 17

1.A 'Slanted abstract' is
A critical evaluation of an article
One that is written for a specific group of users
An abstract of a biased article
None of the above

2.A colophon means
Coloured illustration in a book
End pages of an old book giving information about author publisher etc
A talking book
The covers of a document

3.In classification, the groups infants, children, adolescents, adults represents
An array
A facet
A chain
A characteristic

4.Which country does not have a national bibliography
United kingdom

5.Which of the following should be the primary objective at a college library?
To promote research activities
To encourage reading habit
To support the teaching programmes at the college
To provide for the recreational needs of the student

6.Resource sharing has to be implemented because
There is information explosion
There are financial constraints
Information needs gave become more complex
All the above

7.Mini computers are
Very small and can be carried around
Also known as laptop computers
Support a large number terminals
Same as micro-computers

8.A gazette gives information about
Places to see
History of places
Old records
Official announcements and notifications

9.In KWIC indexes, the keyword appears
At the beginning at each entry
As a highlighted word
At the centre of the line
At the end of the entry

10.10.According to AACR-II, if a book has been edited by four persons, the main entry should be made under
First editor
All editors
The three editors

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