UGC NET June 2000 Paper 2 Question Paper


1.In CC, the principle that helps in the identification of the personolity category is
Cow-calf principle
Whole-organ principle
Neti-neti principle
Later-in-time principle

2.In DDC Phoneix schedules represent
Classes which are slightly modified
Classes which are completely changed
Classes to be modified in the future
Classes not to be modified

3.What is the relationship between ISBD and Cataloguing Codes?
They are not related at all
Cataloguing codes will include bibliographic description
ISBD includes cataloguing rules
ISBD can replace cataloguing codes

4.Which one of the following is not a part of the MARC record structure?
Record terminator
Check digit

5.Which of the following combinations is wrong
PRECIS-Derek Austin-BNB
KWIC-HP Luhn-Chemical titles
Citation Indexing-Eugine Garfield-SCI
Relational Indexing-EJ Coates-Biological Abstracts

6.Citation indexing was first developed in the field of
Social Sciences

7.In a thesaurus, under an item"Internal Migration', which of the following lines would you expect to find
BT Migration
NT Rural -to-Urban Migration
RT International Migration
All the above

8.The PERT approach is a device developed to
Better utilize of time in a series of activities
Allow studies to be made between people and machine
Analyse a workflow to facilitate decision-making
Establish quality control

9.The acronym "POSDCORB" was coined by
Gullick and Urwick

10.The basic theory regarding human motivation is propounded by

11.The method of budgeting, which is not concerned with what happend=ed previously but is more concerned with the requirement of the future is known as
Line Budget
Programme Budget
Formula Budget
Zero Based Budget

12.Among the different Boolean Operators "AND" is used
To widen the search
To narrow the search
To begin the search
to end the search

13.Which of the following is not a secondary source of information?
An encyclopedia
A textbook
A biographical dictionary

14.Which of the following reference source will you consult to locate information on the Pokhran test?
Encyclopedia Britannica
Asian Recorder
Commonwealth Universities Yearbook
Dictionary of National Biography

15.Information about Indian research studies on bakery and milling is input to IFIS through
The Central Rice Research Institute
Indian Agricultural Research Institute
National Institute of Nutrition
Central Food Technological Research Institute

16.Which of the following is not an example of Current Awarness Service(CAS)?
An Indexing Bulletin
Current Contents
A Reading List

17.Non-bibliographic Database contain
Numerical Data
Textual Data
Visual Data
All the above

18.Indexing and abstracting sources are available in print, optical and online. Among the three formats there is usually
a difference in price, but not in capability
no difference in price, but difference in capability
a difference both in price and in capability
no difference in price or capability

19.In an empirical study on the impact of television viewing on violence, violence would be
the dependent variable
an independent variable
an intervening variable
not a variable at all

20.A big difference between the mean and median is an indication that
there is a mistake in calculation
the calculation is correct
there is a wide variation in the data
None of the above

21.Which of the following research methods is useful in a study on measuring the active life of periodicals
Citation Analysis
Case study

22.Which of the following types of memory is Volatile

23.Which of the following is not a programming language

24.When you create a woksheet in CDS/ISIS you are defining
the external user view
an internal file structure
the conceptual frame
All the above

25.UNESCO's information programme is known as

26.Which of the following networks does not have its own tele-communication infrastructure

27.OPAC stands for
Online Public Access Catalogue
Online Periodicals Access Cente
Online Patents Access Centre
None of the above

28.In a communication model, noise refers to
loudness of signal
lack of understanding between sender and receiver
any disturbance which affects the transmission
irrelevant information

29.Zero-growth libraries contradict the fifth law of library science. The statement is
true, because no new books are added
true, because the total size of the book stock is steady
false, since the library may grow in other ways
false, since there can be no zero-growth libraries

30.SENDOC is the national documentation centre for
Science and technology
Sociology & Economics
Small Scale Enterprise

31.Extension services to the blind by a public library is justified by
the fourth law of library science
the fifth law of library science
Cthe first law of library science
all the laws of library science

32.The table standard subdivision helps a classificaiton scheme
to ensure consistency
to add mnemonic value
both (a) & (b)
None of the above

33.Which of the follwoing names are associated with Post-Coordinate Indexing
Taube, Moores, Baten
Taube, Austin, Coats
Taube, Austin, Garfield
Moores, Taube, Garfield

34.A document description is not found in a
Catalogue entry
Bibliographic entry
Class number

35.The following is not an example of re-packaging of information
Trend Report

36.In UDC, the inter-relationship between the two subjects is denoted by
Ampersand followed by Roman Smalls
A colon
Double colon

37.GOC helps libraries in determining
foreign exchange rates
names of foreign agents and vendors
books available in the market
which books to buy

38.In a library which of the following positions are line positions
1. Junior library assistant 2.Subject Specialist 3. Deputy Librarian 4. Systems Librarians

1 & 2
1 & 3
1 & 4
2 & 4

39.An organizational structure is determined by
1. span of control 2. hierarch 3. space and location

1 & 2
2 & 3
1 &3
All the above

40.According to AACR-II, the heading of the main entry for conference porceeding edited by an individual is prepared under
name of editor
place of conference
title of the volume
name of the conference

41.The Indian National Biography does not include
Books published in India in English
Official reports
Books on India, Published abroad
Books published in recognised India Languages

42.The subject headings"Money" and "Inflation" are both used in a retrieval system
be linked by a "see also" reference
be linked by a "see" reference
be linked by both "see" and "see also" references
not be linked

43.The resource sharing strategy of a library may not include
Joint Acquisition
Shared Use
Exchange of materials
Restricted access

44.Which of the following is not a national library?
Library of Congress
Britsh Library
Bibliotheque Nationale
Smithsonaian Institute

45.UNESCO's Public Library Manifesto was last revised in

46.The ICCP did not lead to
agreement on the need for uniformity and standards
a definition of main entry
a recognition of corporate authorship[
the development of MARC format

47.In Kwic index the keyword appears
at the beginning of each entry
at the centre of the line
as the highlighted word
at the end of the line

48.The relationship between the terms "Ship" and "Boats" is
Sytactic relationship
Semantic relationship

49.Which of the following cannot be regarded as 'multimedia'
A tape-slide programme
A CD-ROM with text and visuals
A web page

50.Invisible colleges are
networks of people interested in the same subject
help in communication
neither (1) nor (2)
both (1) and (2)

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