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UGC NET JUNE 1999 (41-50)

1.Identify the country which does not publish its own national bibliography

2.The subject heading 'Employment and wages' are both used in a retrieval system, The two terms should
be linked by a 'see also' refererence
be linked by a 'See' reference
be linked by bot 'see' amd 'see also' reference
not be linked

3.The resource sharing strategy of a library may enable
Joint acquisition
Shared use
Exchange of materials
All the above

4.Which of the following states does not hapve public library legislation
West Bengal
Madhya Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh

5.The National Union Catalouge of Scientific Serials in India was published by
The National Library
Central Reference Library
Delhi Public Library

6.The ICCP directly led to
The development of MARC format
Agreement on filing rules
Concept Shared Cataloguing
A recognition of corporate authorship

7.Boolean searching
is used on computerised database
derived from the abstract
combines search statement using OR & NOT
All the above

8.In KWIC indexes the keyword is
Derived from the text
Derived from the abstract
Derived from the title
Assighned by the author

9.Intellectual Property Right (IPR) are recognised by
Copyright law
Patent law
Neither (a) nor (b)
Both (a) & (b)

10.The concept of 'Technological gatekeepers' was first porposed by
Diana Crare
Solla Price

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