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UGC NET JUNE 1999 (11-20)

1.Expenditure on computer maintenance can be put under
Recurring head
Development grant
Non-recurring head
Capital grants

2.Among the different Boolean operators, 'OR' is used
To widen the search
To narrow the search
To end the search
All the above

3.'Gazetteers' give information about
Geographic location of places
History of places
Social customs and practices
All the above

4.Which of the following reference source will you consult to locate information on "Amaritya Sen"
Encyclopedia Britannica
Facts on file
commonwealth universities yearbook
Dictionary of National Biography

5.The India Input centre for INIS is:
Tata institute of fundamental research
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Raman Research Institute
Indian Institute of Science

6.What is the relation between Current Awarness Service(CAS) and Selective Dissemination of Information(SDI)?
SDI is one form of CAS
CAS is one form of SDI
The two services one the same
There is no relation

7.Bibliographic databases
include indexing and abstracting databases
are known as secondary sources of information
are available through vendors
All the above

8.Which of the folloing is not an abstracting services
Exerpta Medica

9.The research design of a study should not include

10.Mean, Median and Mode are
Measures of Central tendency
Measures of deviation
Ways of Sampling
None of the above

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