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UGC NET December 2009 Paper 2 (11-20)

1.World Wide Web was first designed by

Charles Babbage
Ted Nelson
Tim Berner’s Lee

2.ISBN consists of

6 digits
8 digits
13 digits
15 digits

3.Bibliographical coupling is related to

Bibliometric studies
Bibliography compilation
Modes of subject formation
Vocabulary control

4.Dublin core meta data consists of

15 elements
10 elements
25 elements
08 elements

5.A type of indexing where terms are coordinated prior to searching

Post coordinate Indexing
Pre coordinate Indexing
Uniterm Indexing
None of the above

6.Use of integrated circuits was made in

First generation computers
2nd generation computers
3rd generation computers
4th generation computers

7.The Network Topology in which nodes are connected to a central hub is known as

Ring Topology
Bus Topology
Star Topology
Mesh Topology

8.Which of the following is a term used for working assumption of a solution to a problem ?


9.Computer Memory is measured in

All of the above

10.DELNET stands for

Developing Library Network
Department of Electronics Library Network
Distance Education Library Network
Delhi Library Network

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