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UGC NET JUNE 2010 Paper - I General

1.Which one of the following is the most important quality of a good teacher ?
Punctuality and sincerity
Content mastery
Content mastery and reactive
Content mastery and sociable

2.The primary responsibility for the teacher’s adjustment lies with
The children
The principal
The teacher himself
The community

3.As per the NCTE norms, what should be the staff strength for a unit of 100 students at B.Ed. level ?

4.Research has shown that the most frequent symptom of nervous instability among teachers is
Digestive upsets
Explosive behaviour

5.Which one of the following statements is correct ?
Syllabus is an annexure to the curriculum.
Curriculum is the same in all educational institutions.
Curriculum includes both formal, and informal education.
Curriculum does not include methods of evaluation.

6.A successful teacher is one who is
Compassionate and disciplinarian
Quite and reactive
Tolerant and dominating
Passive and active

7.Research is
Searching again and again
Finding solution to any problem
Working in a scientific way to search for truth of any problem
None of the above

8.A common test in research demands much priority on
All of the above

9.Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process ?
Searching sources of information to locate problem.
Survey of related literature
Identification of problem
Searching for solutions to the problem

10.If a researcher conducts a research on finding out which administrative style contributes more to institutional effectiveness ? This will be an example of
Basic Research
Action Research
Applied Research
None of the above

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