Important Questions For Library Science Examinations

Prepared by
Thirunavukkarau Chandran

1. SQL __________________________


3.Oracle is a

i). database software
ii) data manipulation software
iii) RDBMS software
iv) none of the above

4.ALU is capable of

i) performing calculations
ii) monitoring system
iii) controlling operation
iv) storage of data

5. PASCAL is language used in

i) business
ii) commercial
iii) graphics
iv) research

6. Artificial intelligence is

i) Natural Brain
ii) Brain without capabilities of thinking
iii) understanding more than human brain
iv) Computer Program

7. Expert system is

i) computer program
ii) computer expert
iii)knowledge expert
iv) user interface

8. Computer performs calculations

i) accurately
ii) inaccurately
iii)1 million decimals
iv) 2 decimals

9.DOS is a

i) document operation system
ii)disk operation system
iii) deserted operation system
iv) dual operation system

10. Neural network is a

i) program
ii) picture
iii) voice
d) none of the above

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