Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lisquiz - Target NET 2017 - Free Online Coaching

  • Knowing little is too dangerous said by Alexander Pope. 
  • So using this online coaching we all together going to learn and make ourselves knowledgeable person. 
  • In India most of the parts Coaching Centers are available. Just think what they teach and what they are giving as study materials and etc. 
  • Everything already we have. As a librarian we are providing information to everyone. 
  • So what is the need to go to the Coaching Center and Paying money to them. 
  • Everything in your hands. 
  • Just make a Time Table and according to that you read your syllabus. 
  •  That is what lisquiz.com doing. Lisquiz.com is just a mentor, we announce the schedule and you need to read. 
  • Using some technical skills we are providing quizzes to check your knowledge and 
  • without reading any study materials and attending Quizzes in lisquiz.com wont help you to achieve your dreams. 
  • Reading only always helps. All the best!! 


  1. As per Schedule, Read the Recommended books and study materials and notes published by Lisquiz.com 
  2. Thoroughly read, re-read, attend the quiz to know the ability of yours. 
  3. So you can improve your Capacity 
  4. We are covering all units before a month, so you will know the capacity, you will have time to improve and this online coaching not only helps you to clear NET exams. 
  5. It will be useful any other competitive exams like NVS, KVS etc. 
  6.  So Lisquiz.com creating a Reading awareness through Free online coaching. 
  7. Everything is in your hands, So use this opportunity to Read the subject.


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