Tuesday, October 18, 2016


As per Schedule Read the Recommended books and study materials and notes published by lisquiz.com
Thoroughly read, re-read, attend the quiz to know the ability of yours.
So you can improve your Capacity
We are covering all units before 2 months so you will know the capacity, you will have time to improve and this online coaching not only helps you to clear NET exams. It will be useful any other competitive exams like NVS, KVS etc. So use Lisquiz.com as a mentor. Coach Yourself. Everything is in your hands, So use this opportunity to Read the subject. All the best!!!

Date Syllabus & Notes Quiz
22nd oct to 27th OctInformation Sources [study material]Quiz 1 - Information Sources Basics-1
Quiz 2 - Information Sources Basics-2
Quiz 3 - General books vs Reference sources
Quiz 4 - Bibliography
Quiz 5 - Indexing and Abstracting Periodicals
Quiz 6 - Information Sources-Dictionaries
Quiz 7 - Encyclopedias
Quiz 8 - Geographical Sources-1
Quiz 9 - Geographical Sources-2
Information Sources: Unit Test 1
Information Sources: Unit Test 2
Unit II
(18th October to 21st October)
Unit II Library and Society [Study Material] Quiz 1 - Five Laws of Library Science-Basics
 Quiz 2 - Library Networks and Years
Quiz 3 - Five Laws of Library Science-Implications
Quiz 4 - Public Library Acts in India
 Quiz 5 - Library Associations and Years
Quiz 6 - Library and Information Science Education
Quiz 7 - Indian Library Association
Quiz 8 - American Library Association(ALA)
Unit 2: Library and Society- Unit Test 1
Unit 2: Library and Society- Unit Test 2
Unit I
(14th October to 17th October)

Information Science,[Link]
Information Society,[Link]
Information as a Resource /Commodity,
Information Transfer Cycle (Generation, Collection, Storage, and Dissemination),
Role of Information (In Planning, Management, Socio-Economic Development, Technology Transfer),
Communication (Channel, Barriers),[Link]
Intellectual Property Rights (Concept, Copyright, Censorship,Print and Non Print Media),[Link]
Quiz 1- Information Science Basics
Quiz 2- Information and Communication
Quiz 3- Intellectual Property Rights
Quiz 4- Library and Information Policy
Information and Communication Unit Test-1
Information and Communication Unit Test-2


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