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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Library and Information Science General Questions - 18

1.Which of the following is not true about short range planning?
It is also known as operational planning
It is specific and detailed
It is to be used as a general guide
It is for a limited period of time

2.The concept of "anomalous state of knowledge" was proposed by:

3.In an empirical research on the effect of user education on library use pattern, "Library use" would be considered
An independent variable
A dependent variable
On intervening variable
Not a variable at all

4.PMEST order is applied within
Main classes
Canonical classes
Basic classes
The entire field of knowledge

5.Who propounded the principle of MBO?
Luther Gullick
Henry fayol
Frederick Taylor
Peter Drucker

6.According to AACR-II the heading for IX all India Library Conference will be:
IX All India Library conference
All India Library conference.(9th)
Ninth All India Library conference
All India Library Conference

7.Books for which advance payment is to be made in full or in part are known as
Subscription books
Remainder books
Books by gifts
None of the above

8.J. Kaiser J.E.L.Farradane and E.J. Coates have made lasting contributions to
Abstracting techniques
Indexing theory and Practice
Classification theory
Cataloguing practice

9.Which of the following institutes in India provides technical and other related information services to small scale industry?

10.When a library or information centre provides documents from its own resources or from other sources it is known as:
Document delivery service
Inter-Library Loan
Reprography Service
Reference Service

2 komentar

Anonymous said...

ans of q no. 10 will be "B"

Anonymous said...

no a is right