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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Library and Information Science General Questions - 20

1.The query on "use of Audio-visual in teaching science at primary schools" can be framed as
Audio-visual aids and science and primary schools
Audio-visual aids or science or primary schools
Audio-visual aids or science and primary schools
Audio-visual aids and science or primary schools

2.In a study undertaken to find out how users approach the library catalogue, all those who use the catalogue on a particular day are interviewed. This would be considered as:
A random sample
A stratified sample
The whole population
Not a representative sample

3.Which of the following can be considered as a key attibute in a bibliographic database?
Main entry Access Point

4.Citation analysis can be used to identify
Less used periodicals
Half life of periodicals
Journals with the highest impact factor
All the above

5..In a research paper, to refer to the immediate previous reference, the following term is used:
None of the above

6.The seven auxillary tables at DDC form:
Enumerative features
Synthetic features
Analytical features
Descriptive features

7.Post co-ordinate indexes overcome difficulties created by:
Fixed citation order
Synonymous terms
Time taken in searching

8.Which of the following is not a microform?
Micro Computer
Apeture card

9.Alerting services include:
Circulation of contents pages of journals
Routing of periodicals
Indexing current materials
All the above

10.In a new library wants to provides for 10,000 books. How many double sided standard size racks are required

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Ravikumar KN Ravi said...

more then 20 question publish plzzzz

karthik charan said...

made it cbse ugc net pattern

karthik charan said...

please publish cbse ugc net pattern questions

Anonymous said...

very practical and effective questions